> 2.0

POST /uploadaudio()

Name Type Description
file.body.required file
APIKEY.body.required string API-key issued by Gamgi – eg: nxhv2RyRMZyusqu6R4nCd5LL3qmwkd7SwZdCVAVzruYPPeCWbjgahqpTg6x7jKcg
ANONYMIZE.body.required string ”on”/”off” default ”off” – eg: off
ACCOUNTID.body.required string Account id – eg: A-142
ACCOUNT.body.required string Account name – eg: Company 1
CALLBACKURL.body string Url that will be called after transcription. Only used when ISCONVERSATION = ”on” Default ”off” – eg: https:///post
LANGUAGECODE.body.required string Possible values are ”SE”, ”DK”, ”NO”, ”FI”, ”EN”. Other on request – eg: SE
DATE.body string Datetime of audiorecording (UTC) – eg: 2019-12-24 12:00
EMBED.body.required string Customers id of recording – eg: 1992222
ISCONVERSATION.body string ”on”/”off” default ”off” – eg: off
FILENAMECONTAINSINFO.body string ”on”/”off” default ”off” – eg: off
CALLER.body string Agent handling the call – eg: John
CALLNO.body string Call sequenze – eg: 1
CALLRESULT.body string Result of the call – eg: ORDER
QUEUE.body string Queue handled the call – eg: Main
TEAM.body string Team handled the call – eg: Day team
INDUSTRY.body string Team handled the call – eg: Banking
  • 200 – File uploaded
  • 415 – Unhandled filetype
  • 500 – Internal error

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